MySignals Software Development Platform

MySignals is a development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications. You can use MySignals to develop your eHealth web or even to add your own sensors to build new medical devices. The MySignals SW Complete Kit includes 17 sensors which can be used to monitor more than 20 biometric parameters. All the data gathered by MySignals is encrypted and sent to the user's private account at Libelium Cloud through WiFi or Bluetooth. The data can be visualized in a tablet or smart phone with Android or iPhone Apps.

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MySignals SW BLE Complete Kit (eHealth Medical Development Platform) - with Bluetooth
1 Month Free
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  • A ready to use off-the-shelf version.
  • As easy as connecting your headphones to a MP3 player
  • Handy and robust ABS white box
  • Libelium IoT Core
  • Includes Cloud access and Android and iPhone Apps.
  • With CE / FCC / IC Certifications is perfect for any kind of project
  • Certified

Libelium becomes an eHealth IoT Cloud Services provider with the release of the MySignals Cloud:

  • The sensors "Detail view" enables access by day/hour/minute to the complete history of the information stored.
  • Access to the Admin Dashboard to check the global Database Storage, the Traffic I/O consumption and the API Calls (for the Dev Mode).
  • The raw mode allows now to record as many real-time wave signals as you can store in your account for the ECG, EMG, Snore and Airflow sensors.

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Hardware Components


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